Thursday, April 21, 2011

Venetian Masters and a Sinking City

Venice is like a city that I have always dreamed about but never knew actually existed. I was immediately struck by the quietness and solitude that emanated from this city, and quickly realized that it was due to the fact that busy 4-lane highways have been replaced by silent narrow canals.

The colors are gorgeous - warm and saturated. There is more beauty and less noise. In Venice, one listens with their eyes.

Venice carries the memory of a once flourishing Medieval Europe and a prosperous center of economic, architectural, and artistic innovation.
I once read an art historian describe the Venetian Renaissance painters as Alchemists who transform paint into flesh, velvet, silk, and taffeta. The sensual textures and colors in Venetian Painting are unmatched by any others in art history.

Titian, Tintoretto, and Veronese are prime exemplars of this genius. the Academia, the "Scuola", and churches in Venice are filled with their immense luminous works. It was like a treasure hunt to find them all.

The Basilica San Marco with its shimmering Byzantine mosaic-covered interior was a highlight too.

Food in this city is delicious and affordable, which made me wonder if standard rent prices are too. I am seriously considering another temporary relocation here. Amy and I got lost a few times and made some fun friends during our stay. We were a bit sad to board the train to Florence this morning. Already dreaming of my next return to Venice.

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Location:Venice, Italy

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