Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Dark Painting and a Bright Friend

This is the start of yesterday's painting. I will have to work from a photo, as I feared the skies would open up and pour on me at any minute. April in Paris is often overcast in the mornings.

When I woke up, Paris was like a sad song; wistful, foreboding, elegant.
The dark spires of Notre Dame against the brooding sky was a painting waiting to happen.

My friend Amy arrived today, bright-eyed as usual and full of energy after a long day of travel and airport shuffle. It was a joy to see her.

We wasted no time - covered a lot of touristy tracks for fun - I took her on a walking tour of the city and we had a very chic late dinner at Tokyo Eat, a hip meeting spot housed in the contemporary art exhibition space, the Palais de Tokyo.

We finished off the night with a walk to the glittering, illuminated Eiffel Tower, then wearily dragged ourselves home on the metro, exhausted from
a long day of exploring Paris on foot. The next phase of the adventure begins!

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