Monday, March 28, 2011

Paris Adventure 2011

Thursday is departure day! I am grateful and delighted to announce that I will be traveling solo to France to live in Paris for two months on an intensely focused artistic retreat. The basic premise: to yank myself out of familiar daily routine and to be challenged and inspired by experiencing life anew in this vast, varied, and exquisite city. I fell in love with Paris on my first visit in 2006 and longed to return. For April and May, I have rented a simple but lovely apartment in the Latin Quarter of Paris, blocks away from the renowned Sorbonne University and the Seine River – a neighborhood that has historically been home to many poets, painters, novelists, and great thinkers. During this time I plan to paint, explore, write, read, linger for hours in museums and cathedrals, and of course – sample plenty of cuisine! I will also try to muster up as much of my 3 years of high school French as I possibly can.

Lately in my studio I have been developing large-scale paintings involving the figure. These upcoming months will be a time to step away from large projects and paint simple, small compositions from life. I will post updates to this blog as often as possible.

To my family & friends who encouraged me to do this and sent me off with love & prayers: My deepest gratitude - You make my life rich.


  1. Buon viaggio, Adrienne. A very enviable trip!

  2. You are so wise to give such a wonderful gift to yourself.

    Be sure to go to the Jacquemart Andre Museum, if you haven't already. It is an exquisite small museum, with an outstanding collection...Elizabeth Vigee LeBrun, Chardin, Rembrandt, Tiepolo, etc..and a great restaurant!

    Carpe Diem,

  3. Be good ..... but if you can't then be careful !!

  4. I'm so glad you shared this on facebook! I look forward to following your blog and being inspired by the inevitable gems you will produce on this retreat. I'll be praying for you to enjoy a safe and creative artistic journey!

  5. I did a similar thing at your age:), spending 2 months traveling in Europe, with most of my time spent in Florence, with my sketchbook and pastels. One of my most valuable experiences in life. Enjoy your time!

  6. I felt pleased reading your feed, you're having a great walk of life, living alone solo is sure not an easy task, but behind those efforts are your dreams and passion. You're sure an inspiration to me! Keep it up! I wish you all the luck as you enjoy and continue your artistic journey of life.
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