Saturday, June 11, 2011

June in Paris and a Surprise Visitor

Paris always leaves me wanting more, and it seems that the more time I spend here, the more I want to discover and unlock its secrets. In the beginning I naively thought two months would be enough... My return flight to the US was May 31st, but here I sit in my new little Bohemian apartment in Montmartre for the month of June.

Since my Latin Quarter apartment was already rented out for June, I had to uproot and find a new place for this month. Thanks to Craigslist, I found this little studio - subleased by an artist/travel photojournalist. As soon as I saw the paint on the floors, I was sold!

It is on the ground floor that opens onto a beautiful little courtyard. The light is superb.

As happy as I have been here, it depressed me to move out of my old apartment and neighborhood. Paris is so communal - one becomes quickly attached to the locals one encounters daily. I already miss the girls who worked at the boulangerie at the end of my street, and the jovial guys who own the Moroccan restaurant on my block who stood outside smoking and complimenting my outfit every day. It's the little things, you know?

I couldn't help but feel a bit isolated and, well... blue. But all that is soon to change - as my mom arrives for an 8-day visit tomorrow morning! Thanks to a generous and spontaneous gift from my very thoughtful dad, she has a plane ticket to Paris for a week of unforgettable memories soon to be made!

In painting news, I have started this somber little painting (work in progress)

A dear friend posed for it. This simple, austere and contemplative composition is directly inspired by one of my all-time favorite paintings in the Louvre, Hippolyte Flandrin's "young male nude seated" (below).

I have had the pleasure of spending quality time in front of this lovely treasure in person.

What a week - Looking back with gratitude, looking ahead with eager expectancy....

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Location:Paris, France

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