Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Madrid and its Most Luminous Painter

This week I had the joy of visiting the home and studio/museum of Joaquin Sorolla in Madrid. His home complete with its lush gardens was his own private and isolated world of inspiration.

I have long admired the exuberant light-filled paintings of this 19th c. painter, and it was meaningful to see them in person amidst their original context of Spain, as I fully appreciate how Sorolla captures the soul of Spain in all of it's boldness, color, pride and grit.

Weathered Andalusian peasants and fishermen stare out from his canvases as well as high society figures and his own wife and children.

Each painting is a symphony of color harmonies, and executed with confident bravura brushwork that exemplifies his technical mastery.

He perceives so keenly the distinct hour of the day that he depicts - celebrating the
specific light quality and array of colors that accompany it.

Truly a painter of the stolen moment, Sorolla's love for life and sensitivity to his surroundings animates each of his compositions.

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Location:Madrid, Spain

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